Afghanistan Facts: The basics

Afghanistan warAfghanistan as we all know today is dangerous place to live in. Many events that occurred have shocked the whole world like the never be forgotten 9-11 Attack, September 11, 2001 that Afghan people were involved. Afghanistan was a destroyed nation, a devastated place that should be repaired and rebuilt. But before the Afghanistan war, the nation of Afghanistan was once a peaceful place to live in. We should know that Afghanistan war will not destroy most the adults, but the children and women. Afghanistan war destroy lives since 1978 that many innocents already died.

Afghanistan was formed in the year 1747. It served under the British and Russian empires and gained independence and own control of people to their lands in the year 1919. Afghanistan is in the east of Iran and west of Pakistan and in southern Asia. The climate of the nation is winter and summer. The country is rich with natural resources like natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper, chromite, lead and many other minerals. Most Afghan people are Sunni Muslims. As of July 2012, the population of Afghanistan is 30 million. Their government is Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the capital of the state is Kabul. The election type they’re casting is 1 president and 2 vice presidents which voted by people. Their Judicial branch have the highest court of Supreme Court consists of 9 judges. Afghanistan war has begun when U.S.A wants revenge on the 9-11 attack.

There are several interesting facts and trivia about Afghanistan:

1.  Darius I and Alexander the Great were the first to use Afghanistan as the gateway to India. Islamic conquerors arrived in the 7th century, and Genghis Khan and Tamerlane followed in the 13th and 14th centuries.

2. The New Year in Afghanistan, called Nawroz, is celebrated on 21 March which is the first day of spring.

3. Afghanistan is a country sharing borders with Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and China which Afghanistan is in the center of these big countries.

4. Poetry is a big part of Afghans’ culture and it has been for centuries. People gather on Thursday night to give each other verses from old and new poems.

5. Afghan is the word for calling people and Afghanis is the name for the currency which is mistaken among people.

6. The national game of Afghanistan is called Buzkashi, which means goat-grabbing. It is a game where two teams were riding a horse and they will catch the goat with respective strategies and it is played for centuries.

7. 1.5% population in Afghanistan can access internet.

8. There are over one million people in Afghanistan who are handicapped and disabled which is from the 30 years ongoing war.

9. They have very hot summer and very cold winter.

10. Afghans drive on the right side of the lane.

11. Taliban people restrict most doings of a woman like education, work outside home, and leave home. Only task of women is to take care of the children.

12. “naan” is a kind of bread that should be in the table. Naan is the main food of the Afghan. It is flat unleavened bread.

13. In 1220, Mongol warriors under Genghis Khan conquered Afghanistan, and descendants of the Mongols would rule much of the region until 1747.

14. Afghanistan war has started in 2001 when United States of America that the terrorist behind 9-11 attack is lurking in Afghanistan.

The Hope and Prospect for Peace in Afghanistan

Hope for PeaceAfter long decades of reigning of Taliban government in Afghanistan, it has now ended. The process in which these cruel past be vanished from the heads of the people of Afghanistan will be long. The evidence of the past in Afghanistan war which is the bullet holes in every home of Afghan family, the lost loved ones in the war, the cry of the children which cannot be heard, the agony of each Afghan will not be erased into their hearts and minds but can be healed. As we all know, Afghanistan war destroyed so many dreams and hopes for the country, that instead of just developing the land, they chose to go to war. We hope for peace in Afghanistan.

For the world, Afghanistan is a country of violence and drought. When you hear Afghanistan, it has a twin name of every negative word you will see in the dictionary, but that’s just not Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country of hope and dreams. It is a simple country with simple vision, to prosper. For almost 30 years, Afghanistan didn’t sleep for war. Almost every day, you will hear bombs, guns and crying people. And today, After 30 years of non-stop crying, Afghanistan is starting to rest in war and be awake into the world of dreams and hopes.

After the fall of Taliban dictatorship and cruelty, Afghanistan has been freed from oppression and slavery. They denied the Afghan society of the freedom to live prosper, but now democracy has been raised into country. As this democracy is standing in the land, hopes and peace will stay. The children now can play outside without the fear of being targeted by a gun or a bomb. The women can now educate themselves and can now go to school with pride. Afghanistan today is now regaining its strength and soon it their flag will raise into the whole world with pride and honor, not as blood-shed country but a country of peace.

People in Afghanistan is in poverty line just Taliban government is in the office. But now, as a democratic country, we must pray that poverty into their land will vanish. Afghanistan is now regaining its strength from the past. As democracy flies in the land, opportunities for improvement should be seen. And for us people just watching their agony in the past, we must help them just by telling our government to help them. We hope for forever peace in Afghanistan that the old self of it should be buried and must overcome.

The new face of Afghanistan is the children. For more than a decade, these children were born in to the depths of war. But now, they will be the next generation good leaders of their land in which it will start with education. They should be given education and unlike to their mothers, that education is denied among women. The hope for peace in Afghanistan starts now, and the optimism should not fade and must be solid as rock. The very foundations of hope for peace in Afghanistan should start with the new government. They knew the agony of their people, that they knew the unheard cries all over the land so they must comprehend to what the people want and need. As for people like us with concern in this hope for peace if Afghanistan, we pray and hope that someday, that when we Google the word “Afghanistan”, the results are smiling faces, the faces of hope and peace.

This history of the Afghanistan War

Afghanistan warAs we all know Afghanistan war begun in October 7, 2001, with United States of America with their allies France, Australia, and United Kingdom with the Northern Alliance of Afghanistan. They launched Operation Enduring Freedom. OEF or Operation Enduring Freedom is an operation where the main objective is to apprehend and successfully capture all renowned terrorist to the whole world. George W. Bush who is the current president and commander of American Army that time launch its attack to Afghanistan after the September 11 attack which the attack causes U.S.A be in agony and killed many innocent Americans.  The alliance is to end the reigning supremacy of terrorist in Afghanistan and using it as a base. Al-Qaeda network is the name of the organization of terrorists that lurks in Afghanistan and the one why Afghanistan war is started.


The first mission of the alliance is to end the power of Talibans in the capital of Afghanistan which is Kabul that supports terrorists’ supplies and military items. They ousted the Talibans using Infantry support, Air-support and different Special Forces every allied country offered. But most Taliban leaders fled into neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran, and Tajikistan.

September 20, 2001

President George W. Bush addresses the U.S Congress to apprehend and capture Osama bin Laden and destroy Al Qaeda.

October 7, 2001

U.S forces naming the Special Activities Division of CIA were the first forces which entered the Afghanistan and the start of Afghanistan War.

October 7, 2001

Airstrikes were done in Kabul, and at the airport at Kandahar where Taliban leader is lurking.

November 14 -16, 2001

Mohammed Atef, third rank in Al Qaeda, one of the most wanted in the world was killed in bombing in Kabul. This was one of the first accomplishments of U.S force for the early Afghanistan War.


U.S forces launched several TOMAHAWK MISSILES in Kabul which the capital city has been severely damaged including many Taliban defenses and bases.

November 12, 2001

Taliban forces were forced to leave the capital city for their safety. The fall of Kabul marked the first recapture of Afghanistan against Taliban forces and Al-Qaeda.

After the recapture of the capital from Talibans, Northern Alliance of Afghanistan established the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under Hamid Karzai, which voted by people of Afghanistan.

December 2001

A meeting held in Germany called Bonn Conference. The conference resulted the Afghan Interim Authority which it has the process of new government and a new constitution in Afghanistan.

At the end of December 2001, International Security Assistance Force was established by U.N Security Council. Its objective is to secure the main city of Afghanistan which is the Kabul and its surrounding areas from terrorists. In 2003, ISAF was commanded now by NATO which is the main objective is to apprehend Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders and remove Taliban regime which supports Al-Qaeda.

Since the recapture of Afghanistan from Taliban and Al-Qaeda, over 5 million refugees have returned to their homes.

May 2, 2011, the date where Osama bin Laden killed by US forces in Abbotastad, Pakistan.

Today, on January 11, 2013 held the Karzai-Obama meeting which included the withdrawal of U.S forces in Afghanistan war. The meeting also included that all prisoners in Afghanistan is in full control of United States of America.